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Flora Cordoleani


Predator-prey model and the formulation of the functional response

I am interesting in identifying the dominant factors that can influence predator-prey interaction. In particular, I investigate the problems linked to the formulation of the predation process into mathematical models, and their sensitivity to this expression. I also study the effect of environmental heterogeneity  on the predation interaction formulation, and how this expression evolves with scaling (from population to the community level).


Collaborators: Jean-Christophe Poggiale, David Nerini, Mathias Gauduchon, Andrey Morozov


Impact of environmental and anthropogenic forcing on salmon population persistence

I aim at assessing the synergistic effects of fishing and environmental forcing on Pacific salmon dynamics. I am particularly interested on how the combination of cohort resonance and climate variability  could explain the cycles observed in some of these populations.


Collaborators: Louis Botsford, Alan Hastings, Lauren Yamane

California Central Valley chinook salmon managment


I am involved in the development of a life cycle model that will allow the prediction of salmon population response to habitat restoration and changes in flow and water quality in the Central Valley. I am also interested in the impact of climate change on the system persistence.


Collaborators: Steve Lindley, Eric Danner, Colleen Petrik, Doug Jackson, Andrew Pike

Impact of the California Central coast MPAs implementation on the abundance of rockfish species

I am also involved in the assessment of the impact of MPAs establishment along the Central coast of California on the abundance evolution of several species of rockfish. I investigate how past fishing pressure, specific life history features and ontogenetic migration could influence the response of these species to MPAs establishment.


Collaborators: Louis Botsford, Will White, Alan Hastings, Marissa Baskett, Lewis Barnett