Flora Cordoleani

Selected Publications

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Selected Publications

Poggiale J-C., Auger P., Cordoleani F. and Nguyen-Huu T. (2009) Study of a virus-bacteria interaction model in a chemostat : application of geometrical singular perturbation theory. Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society A, 367, 4685-4697.


Cordoleani F., Nerini D., Gauduchon M., Morozov A. and Poggiale J-C (2011). Structural sensitivity of biological models revisited.Journal of Theoretical Biology, 283, 82-91.

Morozov A., Poggiale J.C. and Cordoleani F. (2012) Implementation of the zooplankton functional response in plankton models : state of art, recent challenges and future directions. Progress in Oceanography, 103, 80-91.

Cordoleani F., Nerini D., Morozov A., Gauduchon M. and Poggiale J.C (2013). Scaling up the predator functional response in heterogeneous environment: when Holling type III can emerge ? Journal of Theoretical Biology, 336, 200-208.

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White W. J.,Nichols K.J., Malone D., Carr M.H., Starr R.M., Cordoleani F., Baskett M.L., Hastings A., Bostford L.W. 2016. Fitting state-space integral projection models to size-structured time series data to estimate unknown parameters. Ecological Applications, 26, 2677-2694.


Cordoleani F., Notch J., Mc Huron A.S., Ammann A., Michel C.J. 2018. Movement and survival of wild Chinook salmon smolts from Butte Creek during their outmigration to the ocean: comparison of a dry versus wet year. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society. DOI: 10.1002/tafs.10008.


Satterthwaite W., Cordoleani F., O'Farrell M., Kormos B., Mohr M. (in press). Central Valley spring Chinook salmon and ocean fisheries: data availability and management possibilities. San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science.



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